why, hello there.

Looks like you’d like to get in touch. Thanks! We’re all busy people, so I want to respect your valuable time and hope you grant me the same in return. I’ve put together a helpful little guide to help navigate if contacting me is the best move. Here it is:

do contact me if

  • You’d like me to consult on a project.
  • You need frontend design help on your project.
  • You need help setting up a website
  • You have specific questions about web design, dev ops, or other industry-related stuff.

don’t contact me if

  • You just want to quibble over the semantics of something I wrote.
  • You can “increase traffic to bradfrost dot com” with this one weird trick.
  • You’re a prince who can make me very wealthy in exchange for my bank info.

If you’re still with me and you’re interested in a project, a consulting engagement, or have an industry question, feel free to email me at teknovagrant@gmail.com.

And if you want to find me elsewhere on the web, here’s where I hang out (I’m a lurker more than anything else though):

  • facebook
    You can view my links and resources alongside status updates from your aunt.
  • github
    Where I share open source code with everybody.
  • codepen
    Where I work on small quick ideas.
  • instagram
    Where you can see my sketches and family picks.
  • linkedin
    My go-to professional network for getting spammed by recruiters.
  • google plus
    Where I share links and resources with Google employees.
  • spotify
    What Heather (my wife) is currently listening to.