“what I be, is what I be”


As the homepage says, my name is Eden. I’m first and fourth most I am a father and a husband, but like everyone else, I’m more than just that.

For my day job I am a web admin, a designer, a tester, and a support representative. I work for a great company, but a small company. Being able to do many things is actually something I really value, so I am happy to be able to wear many hats at my company. It’s helped me get better at devops, QA testing and debugging, project management, remote work, and acquire many other skills that I wouldn’t have been able otherwise.

Technically speaking, I graduated the University of Arkansas with a BA in IT Networking. Routers and networks are technically what I’m supposed to know, but it’s something I haven’t kept up with since college. Instead, the world of programming, design, and systems called to me.

I enjoy working on many different projects ranging from simple static pages to complex account systems and all the UI/UX that makes it all work. For more about me, simply take a look at my blog or ask me anything.